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Wish I Was There Wednesday

Today on Wish I was There Wednesday, I thought it might be fun to visit Venice, Italy, one of my favorite destination spots. The serenity of this beautiful city with its exquisite landmarks and warm friendly residents unexpectedly touched my heart and soul. I had not expected such a deep connection but totally embraced it wholeheartedly. So hop on my magic carpet ride and see if you love Venice as much as I do. Giuseppe Verdi was absolutely right.1384058_10202246012660397_2002805192_n


Exquisite Venice, you stole my heart


Postcard pretty scenes everywhere


Santa Maria della Salute Baroque Church, whose vast weight was built on a platform supported by a million timber piles.








Begun in 1631, the ‘Salute’ church was built as a kind of offering to the Virgin Mary for deliverance from the Black Plague epidemic ravaging Venice in 1630. Most of the objects of art housed inside the church refer to the Black Death.

Pimp my ride! One of Venice’s beautiful gondolas.

Everything arrives or is moved via water.

Some modes of travel are a tad more sophisticated than others.

The glorious Grand Canal

Beautiful Basilica in the famous Piazza di San Marco

The Florian Cafe, Europe’s oldest at Piazza di San Marco

High Tide

Along the Grand Canal

O sole mio!

Good natured and friendly Venetians

The caption of the gondolier shown above was added as a tongue-in-cheek comment. Venetian gondoliers would never sing that song as that is associated with Neapolitans. Venice tourist officials have banned the singing of it since the 1980’s. Sadly, it’s what most Americans think of when in Venice.

Have you ever been to Venice? Did you fall in love with this beautiful city and its friendly people? Well, it’s guess it’s probably time for you to get back to work. Thanks for ‘traveling’ with me on a ‘Wish I was there” kind of day.

Live, love, bark! ❤︎

Wish You Were There Wednesday

Winter sort of returned to parts around the Ranch but only with a bare smidge of snow (as of the time this post was written late last night) accompanied by chilly temperatures and windy conditions. Brrr. It made me think I’d rather be back on The Big Island until such time as winter stops teasing and really leaves some snow for a change. How about you? Care to do a “Joe vs. The Volcano” kind of trip to view the Kailua caldera, the great warrior, diplomat and leader King Kamehameha and gently swaying palms?










Live, love, bark! ❤


Wish You Were There Wednesday

I’ve been day-dreaming a lot lately. About traveling. Oh, to pack a bag and freely roam the world. Ok, cue the skid mark sound of reality now: Two dogs, one who freaks out when he’s in dog prison kennel care and another who has health issues which may be exacerbated by being cared for by strangers. Not to mention airline companies who make travel ridiculously unpleasant, not to mention absurdly expensive airfares.

Still, there are fewer places I’d rather be than here. Neuschwanstein. That magical castle located in Bavaria which was the inspiration for Disney’s fairytale castle. We’ve all seen views of the castle from the Marienbrücke Bridge in summer or in autumn, but to see it shrouded in winter snow is just magical.


Have you ever been there? Did you surrender to its magic and charm?

Live, love, bark!

Wish I Was There Wednesday~January 11, 2017

It’s been cold. And snowy. But worse, windy. Nothing makes me long for someplace far away that’s warmer than windy conditions. I despise the wind. Would I love to be laying on a beach in a sunny warm clim? You betcha!

Currently, I have been enjoying the broadcast of the  PBS’s series, “The Durrells in Corfu” which reminded me of my own trip to Corfu a few years ago. Can I just say I LOVED all the Greek islands I discovered. What a country! There’s just no comparison to anything like the Parthenon; Mykonos with its iconic windmills and island mascot, Petros; and sweet Corfu that charmingly captured my imagination. Luckily my travel mates were vastly different from the eccentric Durrell family (can there be any offspring more annoying than those spoiled brat adult children??) If you are not familiar with the PBS series, in a nutshell it is about a poor widow who uproots her British family and  attempts to start over again in 1930s Greece and their family adventures. If for no other reason, the Swedish guy Sven, is worth watching. Just saying. You’re welcome.

So to get through this windy/nasty weather stretch, I did what many of us do. I went back to relive a fabulous trip in the photo albums. This is the image that spoke to me. It made me long for another stroll along that beach where I encountered one of the sweetest dogs I ever met while in Greece. Hope this charming beach scene at beautiful Paleokastritsa (courtesy of my dear German friend ‘sister,’ Andrea) brings a smile to you like it did for me. Oh, that beautiful Ionian Sea with its turquoise waters and ever so gracious people. I miss you so.


Where would you like to be today?

Live, love, bark!

Wordy Wednesday

In honor of the New Year, I thought I’d mix it up a little bit today with a new category I’m calling, “Wish I Was There Wednesday.” This video came from an aggregator site that I’ve contributed to in the past.

It may be a short week for some of you, but hopefully you’ll take a moment to savor a place not many people know about but who definitely should. Besides, if you’re like many working people, there won’t be another holiday until Memorial Day so you might as well store up some peaceful spots now to help alleviate your stress level down the road. You’re welcome.

Live, love, bark!


This week I’ve been entertaining our friend, Bashful. Sam here. Other than that one teeny, tiny little mishap where we almost lost him at last weekend’s pet awards, we’ve had a pretty good time I think. He went with us to the hospital this week and hung out with various volunteers, staff and patients. But I think he’s been a little homesick the past few days. Bacon‘s mom sent some cool toys along with the little guy so I tried to make him feel like he was back home. How’d I do? I mean, Bacon and I could practically be twins, right?

Missing bro (1)

Our visit is coming to an end soon but we hope the little guy had fun while he was in the Mile High City. Here’s hoping everyone has a great weekend and that our fur-iends in Louisiana and throughout the South are safe and dry. Please keep them in your thoughts, ‘kay?!

Live, love, bark! ❤

2016 Pet Therapy Awards

Bashful flirting with Wee Britt and her lovely mom, Katherine.

Bashful flirting with Wee Britt and her lovely mom, Katherine.

Sam here. We had our pet therapy awards program over the weekend and I got to bring a guest. Bashful was my *plus 1* for this shindig and boy he was a hit. Our fur-iend, Wee Britt and her mom Katherine happily posed with Bashful. This year Britt was awarded the Bronze Paw which means she had over 50 visits (you can read about when we received our Bronze Paw here). We were a little shy of the next level (100) but we should easily hit it soon in plenty of time for next year’s bash. Isn’t Wee Britt just as cute as a button?

Our fur-iends, Mary Ann & Teddy

Our fur-iends, Mary Anne & Teddy


Also at our award program was our sweet friend Teddy and his mom Mary Anne. They moved out of town so we don’t get to see them as often but it was great getting petted by Mary Anne and her friend Mike, who always lavish me with attention. Teddy is so tiny, I nearly stepped on him, but he he let me know I’m a bit of an oaf was a good sport about it (sorry dude 😇)

Bashful was polite and sweet and then he kind of became a pill once people finished lunch and began to leave. Mom was distracted because she was helping with the clean up after our lunch and didn’t realize Bashful didn’t make it back into her bag. We got half-way home and realized “uh-oh, someone is missing.” ARGH!!!!!

We needed to drive back to the venue like a bat outa hell so we pulled a gigantic U-y in the middle of the street leaving rubber behind and returned to the *scene of the crime* hoping the head honchos were still there and the doors not locked. Mom kept ranting HBO words in the car while we flew down the road. Wayne quietly sat there and I kept thinking how in the heck did that little rascal worm his way out of our paws?

Roxanne and Little One with award acknowledging Lily's long service

Roxanne and Little One with award acknowledging Lily’s long service

Luckily for my mom, the powers to be were still there and they knew exactly why my mom was there the minute she ran screaming like a banshee into the room. Our sweet friend, Roxanne and her adorable greyhound Little One (her other greyhound, Lily received a posthumous award for over 700 visits even though Lily passed away a few months ago unexpectedly) said she knew exactly why we was there and had Bashful all ready for us.  She even gave us another goodie bag of treats for me! Isn’t she the best?

Whew…that was a close one. Little Bashful was reminded to not scare us on the way home and he promised he would be good. I sure hope so…we’re hoping to take him with us to the hospital later this afternoon. Gulp.

Keep your fingers and paws crossed that mom doesn’t misplace him again or let him get into any mischief. Folks warned us about that little scamp being wily and boy were they right!

Live, love, bark! ❤