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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Sam here. Although our lineage is German, we happily (ok, not so happily but we were tolerant) participated in the ‘wearing of the green’ for St. Patrick’s Day for mom’s sake. We had to work fast, Elsa tried hard to eat the garland. The parade and official celebration were last weekend, but any one knows that St. Patrick’s Day on a Friday will surely have some corned beef and cabbage along with a beer or two for local leprechauns.

Got any special plans for this holiday? Erin Go Bragh. ☘️ Here’s to a great weekend!








Live, love, bark!  ❤︎

Blogville’s K9 K-oss Pawty~2017


Sam here [again]. Mom said I could post about Blogville’s K-9 K-Oss Pawty. I was going to go as a stag dog, but then little Anne from over at Marty the Manx’s caught my eye and she agreed to accompany me. Is she just the cutest little bundle of fur ever??

I’ve been practicing my dance steps with my 2-left footed mom and I hope I don’t step on Anne’s paws. Do you think she’ll dance with me? Oooh, I sure hope so. I got spiffed up just for her. You think she’ll like my attire? I wonder how my dog breath is? Oh gosh, I’m just so nervous!!

Are you attending the K-9 K-Oss Pawty?

Live, love, bark!

Super Bowl or Puppy Bowl?

Greetings, sports fans. Sam here. Yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday in the U.S. and many fans cheered for their teams, the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots. The final score was 34 -28 with a shocking overtime win by New England  despite Atlanta being well ahead at one point.

pb12-about-page-1000x400Our team wasn’t playing, so we really didn’t have a dog in that fight so to speak but we did howl with laughter with teams Ruff and Fluff in Puppy Bowl XIII. You can relieve some of the best-of-inside-the-bowl videos here or you can watch a sneak peek video here. And for behind-the-scenes smiles, check this out. We watched as three ‘pawdidates’ vied for most valuable pup (“MVP”) before the legendary game trophy, the Lombarki was awarded. Can you guess which one of these cuties was chosen  MVP?


Was it Chihuahua-mix and football wonder, Daisy Moses; Wookie look-alike and Poodle-mix, Rory; or precious Nikita, a 3 touchdown scoring machine and Cocker Spaniel Bichon Friese-mix? The answer is revealed below. Hey, I gotta build up the hype suspense, right?

35103_lucky_0237The “Underdog Award” went to 16-week old Lucky, a 3-legged pup.  Initially abandoned with her brother, Ricky, little Lucky got off to a rough start early in life when her front leg was broken after getting it caught in her crate.  While her leg was amputated, it hasn’t dampened her plucky spirit. Way to go, Lucky! Word has it that Lucky was adopted from Operation Education Rescue, Tennessee.

fullsizeoutput_107aHalftime entertainment had no wardrobe malfunctions with a pawsome performance by Kitty GaGa and the Chicago Rock Cats. There was no shocking finish like the Super Bowl as Team Fluff easily won, 93-38 setting a new scoring record. Following the conclusion of the game, Team Fluff accepted the “Lombarki Award” after losing the past two years to Team Ruff. Let’s hear it for the winning team, though I suspect every dog in the Puppy Bowl was a winner. We’re hoping all the participating pups were able to find fur-ever homes.

Did you watch Puppy Bowl XIII? Were you happy with the Super Bowl outcome?

Live, love, bark!

35103_rory_2248P. S. MVP award went to [drum roll, please]…Rory! We wish you a ‘wagnificent’ life with your new family, little girl!

Endangered Species Challenge

endangered-collageWe recently agreed to add our voice to Louis Dog’s Life Endangered Species Challenge. Mom however missed the date so I’m posting it for her albeit a couple days late. Why not use all that groovy technology you have at your fingertips for crying out loud, I ask? Sheesh, pawrents!

Sam here. I think we can all agree that far too many of the world’s fascinating animals are in danger of disappearing from Planet Earth. To figure out which threatened or endangered animal we wanted to highlight, we went to our state Parks & Wildlife website for their comprehensive list. Sadly there were waaay too many listed and it was hard to single out one in particular until we saw the beautiful and elusive Lynx. With its trademark ear tufts and huge feet, it was clear we wanted to shed some light on this beautiful mammal. Besides, I’m fascinated by cats!

Lynx are a large bob-tailed cat about 3 feet long weighing anywhere from 20-30 pounds, possessing a black-tipped tail about one-eighth of its total length, and only about half the length of its huge hind feet even if mom’s photo makes it look like Mr. Lynx is ginormous compared to moi. For comparison, I’m about 50 lbs. when I hold my breath 🙂 [sizing–yet another technology fail on mom’s part-ugh]. Their coats are grayish with some obscure spots but their single most recognizable characteristic is the fabulous ear tufts that might be nearly as long as the actual ears. Often referred to as a ‘silent predator,’ the lynx is a patient hunter, waiting for the right moment and helped by those enormous hind feet which allow them to move easily across the snowpack to pounce on their preferred meal of choice: snowshoe hares. Their feet are huge at around 8 inches long. Can you say, “Big Foot?!”

Endangered Lynx (Lynx canadensis) in Colorado

Endangered Lynx (Lynx Canadensis) in Colorado

Although you’re more likely to see Sasquatch than a lynx in Colorado, there was an ambitious and controversial reintroduction plan in the late 1990’s in the remote San Juan mountains. Nearly 30 years later it has been deemed successful with between 150-250 of these magnificent felines being monitored by radio-satellite collars. Lynx are still considered critically imperiled in Colorado and with a recent population explosion in our state, it does remain to be seen if lynx and humans can eventually co-exist again. We’re rooting for this ‘fur-tastic’ mammal to survive. Have you ever seen one in the furs?

Live, love, bark! 


The Carnage Continues

Well…it was bound to happen. Again. Right? Sam here. The sister who shall remain nameless is back at it again. No, it’s not that she’s having seizures (she has been seizure free for just over 6 weeks now) but she is on another spree of destruction. Recently yet another pair of reading glasses (Oakley’s no less–gah!!) fell victim to the massacre inflicted by those chompers of her’s. What IS it about eyewear that so intrigues that dog??

She also managed to destroy an alligator watchband. An $85 watch band that was a special order last year. Could that be karmic? I mean, no doubt the folks at PETA would be very unhappy with her knowing about that watch band.









When mom first saw the carnage, she though perhaps the glasses could be salvaged but once you put on a pair of glasses that aren’t defective, you can see the deep scratches/pits on the lens and she also left the deep teeth marks on both of the temple pieces (even if they were able to be straightened out…which said puncture marks end up scratching the skin). The glasses were relatively new as well. #ohthatdog!

If that wasn’t bad enough, she ate mom’s breakfast over the weekend when we went to visit my Grandma who had surgery about 10 days ago (P.S. it was a success-yay…color me one happy hound dog…I 💗 Grandma!!). Mom was helping her out when that sneaky little nameless Ninja scarfed down her breakfast muffin in a nano-second. When mom went to eat her breakfast, all she saw was the upturned plate on the floor and a couple of crumbs. That little monster just blinked at her like she had no idea about what had just happened…not to mention not showing the slightest bit of remorse, I might add. At least mom’s got religion about disciplining her especially where food is concerned. With the ‘howlidays’ around the corner, it’s even more important that she doesn’t ingest something toxic from our recent article about foods dogs should not eat.

Have you ever had such a knuckleheaded brat for a sister that causes all sorts of havoc in your household? What did you do, short of exiling her to an abandoned island?

Live, love, bark! ❤

A Post Thanksgiving Conversation

Thanksgiving was always the most favorite of all holidays for mom growing up as a kid. Sam here. Her favorite dog came to live with her on Thanksgiving day, a small white Boxer-mix puppy with patches on her eyes who quickly outgrew her promised diminutive size. They named her Beans and she was quite the card with a snapping whip of a tail. Mom loved her so much but she didn’t stay with the family all that long. She outgrew her body and the yard and moved to a family with more space to take care of her.

This Thanksgiving though, despite the best laid plans for a family get-together, life decided not to allow a family get together, offering something different instead.

Sam: I’ve been taking care of my mom for the past 10 days because like I mentioned in our last post, she’d been under the weather. What I didn’t mention, was it was pretty serious. So, mom, tell me what was it that ailed you?

Mom: Hi-ya Sam. I started to feel bad late Monday and it developed into excruciating back pain with a fever by Tuesday. On Wednesday I knew something was seriously wrong and scheduled a doctor’s appointment.

Sam: Yeah, I kind of figured as much. You weren’t your usual chipper self and you NEVER go to the doctor. You just went away and I had no idea what was going on.

Mom: After visiting with the doctor, she said I needed to go immediately over to the Emergency Room so they could start administering antibiotics and fluids. I was pretty weak. The diagnosis was Pyelonephritis…a fancy way of saying ‘kidney infection.’

Sam: Sounds miserable. I was concerned when you finally came home later. Notice how I stayed right by your side?

Mom: Yes, sweetie. I noticed both you and Elsa were great nurse mates taking care of me. I very much appreciate it.fullsizeoutput_fae

Sam: Oh yeah, the sister who shall remain nameless. She kind of got in the way a few times. I don’t think she knows how to be the kind of therapy dog you needed then.

Mom: Sam, she did fine though I could have managed with a little less “observation” on both of your parts and maybe a little more room in the bed. After being in bed for so long, I started to feel like I was never alone with two shadows attached.

Sam: I was just making sure you were going to be ok and to remind you when to take your medication. Who knows what the sister who remains nameless was doing. I gave up trying to figure her out shortly after you brought her home.

Mom: Sam…be kind now. She had a rough start in life and just needs to properly learn how to be a dog. It’s our job to help her figure that out. I noticed you played with her for a few moments the other night so she can’t be all that bad.

Sam: Uh, what…noooo! That wasn’t play, I was just avoiding her from crashing into me. Yeah, that’s the ticket, it was just avoidance. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Not to change the subject, but….how are you feeling today?

Mom: Sure, if that’s how you want to play it, I’ll go along. I’m doing better, almost feeling like a human again. It’s good not to be stuck resting all day. Do you know how bad TV programming is? It’s so bad, you can barely sleep because you keep having ear worm commercials screaming in your head. If I hear this commercial one more time, I may go insane!

Sam: Yeah, that song bugs me too. But I hope you don’t over do it like you usually do when you start feeling better. I don’t want to have to guard take that kind of care of you for long-term. I mean…I only have so much healing power available at any given time.

Mom: I promise not to over do it now that I’m feeling better. But there are now other things on my mind besides trying to get well that have me sad and teary. Our fur-iend, Easy Rider left this earth a few days ago. We were stunned and saddened at the news that this wonderful Weimaraner left for the Rainbow Bridge to make ‘snowfetti’ there. We are heartbroken for his pawrents, Katty and Mark who loved their boy with all their hearts and who have provided such joy and laughter in Blogville. If you aren’t familiar with the “king of comedy” and his family, go over to his website and poke around. I guarantee you’ll smile at all his adventures. We also learned our fur-iend, Sammy will be joining him later today. We send our love and condolences to his mom, too. Run free sweet boys. You will never be forgotten by us.



Sam: Oh no, not Sammy too? Why has this year been so hard on us ‘anipals,’ mom?

Mom: Not sure, Sam. We definitely lost way too many dear fur-iends this year and can only hope the new year begins better. Of this we pray. Now come here, you knucklehead and give me some sugar, I need puppy kisses and a hug from you.

Sam: Mooommm…you’re squeezing me too hard! [Shakes head hard, gains poodle composure and gets off the sofa]. You know I love you…but don’t strangle me!

Mom: I know sweet boy, I just want to keep you fur-ever. Us ‘pawrents’ are like that. As we say goodbye to our dearest fur-iends this year, we bid 2016 a curt farewell. Goodbye and good riddance. We hope your cousin 2017, is kinder to our world.

Sam: Yup, goodbye 2016. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. For me, I’m going back to loving my mom and tolerating the sister who shall not be named and have a good time playing therapy dog tomorrow with my Grandma who had surgery a couple of days ago and who is recovering nicely at home. Woof, woof. Way to go, Oma, we 💗 ya!

Live, love, bark! ❤