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Monday Musings

While some of you may be knee-deep in the white stuff, there are others who are already baking in 80+F (27C) degrees of sunshine. Isn’t it intriguing to see how seemingly conflicting or opposite forces may be parallel or coupled, and yet interrelated in the natural world as well as they are around our Ranch. This yin and yang duality of current weather conditions seems a little like these two knuckleheads, “Pete and Repeat” ~ otherwise known as the Sam and Elsa show.

Here’s hoping your Monday is just the beginning of a ‘wagnificent’ week!

Live, love, bark! ❤︎

Monday Musings

Hello everyone, it’s me Elsa…fabulous Ninja sister to Sam. I stole the blog from my naive brother by flipping a coin for it. Unfortunately he lost. I won (nah, nah, nah, nah, nah). Anyway, even though I won the coin flip gotta love those two sided coins, I promised it would only be a short post.

My mom complains says I’m too hard to photograph because I’m a black dog. Even in a well lite location my gorgeous facial features disappear especially if my fur is a little long. So after she whined about not being able to see my face yet again when I was chillin’ yesterday, I told her I would fix it. Well, what do you think?

The cross black dogs must bear

The cross black dogs must bear

As you can tell we had a nice relaxing weekend, how about you? Do anything exciting?

Live, love, bark!

Mount Rushmore Monday

Happy President's Day

Happy President’s Day

26137ca7ed56833dedf15fc4fd22f728Today is a “howliday” in the US and for many, it’s part of a long weekend. But today and tomorrow Sam and I will be working at the hospital which can only mean one thing. There’ll be a seal in my bathroom. And then, lots of hugs and tail wags.

What are you be doing on this “howliday?”

Lie, love, bark!



Monday Musings ~ February 13, 2017

Sam here, wishing effuryone a Happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow. Mom, Elsa and me hope you get to spend time with your special loved ones. My little sister had a mini-seizure last Friday so we’ve been keeping eyes on her. Mom was able to stem it quickly with some medication the vet sent her home with 4 weeks ago in case she had another episode. Luckily, it was a very minor one and she returned to her normal annoying self very quickly, without her usual reboot. Once mom was convinced she was ok, she began working on some projects she had been planning for us fur-kids.


We ‘snoopervised’ in the studio as mom drew up patterns and then sewed some  new stuffies from spare scraps she had lying around. I haven’t played with them yet, but Elsa seems jazzed about them, especially the Gingerbread Guy. Naturally, they’ve joined the rest of the migrating hooves and toys. What is it about her that makes her do that? She’s been barking at him just before she ambushes plays with him which is a good sign she likes him. So far I haven’t heard any screaming so I guess he’s ok, but he’s on his own as far as I’m concerned.










While these guys are nice and all, I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do with them. I think I’ll sleep on it, maybe it’ll come to me in a dream. I mean, the Gingerbread dude doesn’t even have any buttons for eyes that I can chew off. What kind of lame toy is that for a self-respecting wuss stuffie killer like me?!

Do you have any special plans for the loves of your life? I’m hoping mom bakes us some yummy treats. Mother Hubbard’s cupboard the treat bin is pretty darn bare. The dog bones she sewed aren’t nearly as tasty as they ones she bakes.


Live, love, bark!

Super Bowl or Puppy Bowl?

Greetings, sports fans. Sam here. Yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday in the U.S. and many fans cheered for their teams, the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots. The final score was 34 -28 with a shocking overtime win by New England  despite Atlanta being well ahead at one point.

pb12-about-page-1000x400Our team wasn’t playing, so we really didn’t have a dog in that fight so to speak but we did howl with laughter with teams Ruff and Fluff in Puppy Bowl XIII. You can relieve some of the best-of-inside-the-bowl videos here or you can watch a sneak peek video here. And for behind-the-scenes smiles, check this out. We watched as three ‘pawdidates’ vied for most valuable pup (“MVP”) before the legendary game trophy, the Lombarki was awarded. Can you guess which one of these cuties was chosen  MVP?


Was it Chihuahua-mix and football wonder, Daisy Moses; Wookie look-alike and Poodle-mix, Rory; or precious Nikita, a 3 touchdown scoring machine and Cocker Spaniel Bichon Friese-mix? The answer is revealed below. Hey, I gotta build up the hype suspense, right?

35103_lucky_0237The “Underdog Award” went to 16-week old Lucky, a 3-legged pup.  Initially abandoned with her brother, Ricky, little Lucky got off to a rough start early in life when her front leg was broken after getting it caught in her crate.  While her leg was amputated, it hasn’t dampened her plucky spirit. Way to go, Lucky! Word has it that Lucky was adopted from Operation Education Rescue, Tennessee.

fullsizeoutput_107aHalftime entertainment had no wardrobe malfunctions with a pawsome performance by Kitty GaGa and the Chicago Rock Cats. There was no shocking finish like the Super Bowl as Team Fluff easily won, 93-38 setting a new scoring record. Following the conclusion of the game, Team Fluff accepted the “Lombarki Award” after losing the past two years to Team Ruff. Let’s hear it for the winning team, though I suspect every dog in the Puppy Bowl was a winner. We’re hoping all the participating pups were able to find fur-ever homes.

Did you watch Puppy Bowl XIII? Were you happy with the Super Bowl outcome?

Live, love, bark!

35103_rory_2248P. S. MVP award went to [drum roll, please]…Rory! We wish you a ‘wagnificent’ life with your new family, little girl!