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It’s baaaack

It’s that time of year again where we arbitrarily move toward insanity spring forward. Yup, time for a Ranch PSA to let you know that Daylight Savings Time arrives this weekend for the majority of the US this Sunday. Regardless of the pending calamity adjustment, we hope your weekend arrives with the promise of fun and some rejuvenation. Enjoy your weekend and for those of you lucky enough to not have to yet start this bi-annual catastrophe, we at the Ranch are quite jealous. Happy weekend!

Any big plans on tap beyond dreading the change?

Live, love, bark!

Fab Friday

While mining the Internet for inspiration, I came across this short video and thought it might bring a smile to your face to your face or provide at least an a-ha! moment like it did for me. Not sure why I never thought about the introduction of play to Elsa’s daily sessions on learning how to be a dog before but am glad to have accidentally stumbled across this now. Here’s hoping there’s lots of play in store for you and your fur-iend this weekend.

Do you use play as a training tool?

Live, love, bark!

Frigid Friday

Well…we managed to make it to the first full weekend following the New Year. Don’t know about you but we received 6″ yesterday and bitter cold with our high temperature being just 9ºF. Sam is longing for summer. I’m with him. img_4187

Any special plans for the weekend beyond staying warm?

Live, love, bark!

Happy ‘Wagiversary’

Three months ago today, a beautiful little Ninja came home to live at the Ranch. This little girl was a puppy mill survivor and needed a whole boat-load of socialization and instruction on how to become a dog. Luckily, she had a good teacher, nope not me, but instead Sam, the best big brother a novice dog could have to show her the ropes. Although the process has been ongoing and we often take two steps forward and one step back, the little girl who must not be named (Sam insisted I continue to refer to her in those terms though I think he may come around to actually referring to her by her name at some point soon), is definitely bringing joy and laughter to the Ranch.

_mg_9889-zf-2470-22674-1-002Some of the more salient observations are:

  • She who must remain not be named is affectionate in her own way. She obviously took good notes when learning the efficacy of the Standard Poodle trademark nose nudge whereby the upright’s arm appears to be flailing around like a whirling dervish. And she is never dissuaded to stop nudging until it supports her timetable.
  • Even though she is still as quiet as a Ninja warrior, she is becoming more vocal and definitely discovering her voice. “I am Elsa, hear me roar!” She has taken to given the Akita dogs next door the ‘what for’ whenever she goes out to pee despite both of them being much larger and more dog aggressive. She will stand next to the fence and let both of them have it for several moments then suddenly and without warning, merrily bounce toward her spot and quickly squat. It’s as though she’s mocking them over her shoulder. “Oh yeah. well take THAT, you stupid fur-ball Bozo heads, up yours!” Love this new-found canine confidence that likewise is assisting her when she meets dogs on our walks.
  • Her tail is becoming more animated with each passing week which provides my heart a warm, gentle hug. I love it when it wags as she greets me. And while she will never compete on the same level with Mr. Happy himself, the fact that she’s doing it more and more is progress and reassuring.
  • I love how this little girl can plop on top of a freshly folded pile of laundry without a care in the world and fall fast asleep in a nano-second, but when she retires for the night, she must dig and scratch like a Chilean miner at her bed for as long as 5 minutes. Uh…hel-lo…we’re trying to sleep knucklehead (whereas Sam just circles 87 times and then plops down and lets out a huge sigh)! This “Princess and the Pea routine” makes me happy. When she drifts off to sleep and snores like a Maine woodsman, I smile even though it may keep me awake. She’s demonstrating a level of comfortableness in her own fur, with her pack and that’s progress in learning how to become a dog. There are no late night stress induced heavy panting sessions in Elsa’s world [shhhh, don’t tell Sam I said her name].
  • Knowing that the medication she is taking to control seizures is probably responsible for certain odd reactions, it amuses me to see her stand stone silent for moments on end and then without warning, inexplicably bursting into a frenetic zoomie. The joy she clearly and suddenly experiences when she tries to turn me into her very own human kite as she races down the street on early morning walks making me giggle like a breathless school girl. Way to love the moment, kiddo!

These are just a few of the many subtle things I’ve noticed about this little girl’s progress into life around the Ranch. No doubt, the list will grow as she refines what it means for her to be a real dog and not a puppy mill producer. I only hope the next 3 months are as interesting and smile inducing as the first 3 were. Smile inducing, except for that whole munching of multiple eyeglasses thing. We can do without any more of those moments.

As an additional note of progress on her ‘wagiversary’ timeline, she is now two months seizure free. Stay strong and keep making progress, little Ninja.

Live, love, bark! ❤